"See You on the Other Side" is the first single off of Michael Tyree's new album Sin Eater.


Michael Tyree


Michael Tyree is a singer/songwriter native to the rolling hills of Kentucky. Michael’s songs reflect the experiences he has had roaming the country, watching friends and strangers alike deal with the struggles of life and death. His stories tell the dark truths others are afraid to face. Coming from a rock ‘n’ roll background, Michael’s guitar playing is much more than your standard four chord composition. He utilizes unique time signatures and alternate tunings to express his emotions.

Michael’s first full-length solo album, “Sin Eater,” came out January 25th, 2019.
Listen to “Sin Eater” : Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube

New single, “I Don’t Know Why,” was released on June 14th.
Listen to '“I Don’t Know Why” : Soundcloud | Spotify | YouTube


Upcoming Shows

August 17th | Lexington, KY
Woodland Art Fair

August 22nd | Versailles, KY
Rolling Oven Taproom w/ Darron Sturgill

December 7th | Winchester, KY
Abettor Brewing



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